An INKtroduction to COPIC INK An INKtroduction to COPIC INK

An INKtroduction to COPIC INK


Take a tour of our brand-new refill product!


When listing off the best things about Copic, #1 is always "they're refillable." Buying a Copic Marker isn't something you pick up, use up, and then throw away--it's a tool, an investment that you keep and refresh for future projects.

Keeping your markers topped up is even easier with COPIC INK, our new and easy-to-use refill product. But first--what's the difference between new Copic Ink and our old Various Ink Refills?


Various Ink VS Copic Ink


Additionally, Copic Ink is about the size of a marker, meaning you can easily carry it in the same cases as the rest of your Copic supplies. While the bottle is smaller, you still get plenty of ink out of each one, as shown here:


Copic Ink Refill Quantities


Remember the phrase "reduce, reuse, recycle?" Refilling your markers instead of buying new ones does all three, and makes the tools you bought last longer. Copic Markers are an investment, and you can protect that investment with Copic Ink!


Save the planet & your wallet! Copic Ink can refill all Copic Markers so you don't have to throw them away


Tune in next time, when we'll go through a step-by-step tutorial on using Copic Ink!


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