Hatsune Miku Limited Set Hatsune Miku Limited Set

Hatsune Miku Limited Set

Hatsune Miku makes her Copic debut! In collaboration with Hatsune Miku, color your favorite Vocaloid with 5 specially selected Copic Ciao markers and an exclusive Multiliner! This set also includes 4 line art sheets (2 designs) and 2 stickers.

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Introducing: COPIC CIAO x Hatsune Miku Limited Edition set!

The 5 Copic Ciao markers are perfect for coloring Miku! Inside the set sleeve, there is a coloring sample provided, giving you pointers on how to color the included line art using the set colors!

With a Limited Edition Multiliner

Available in this set only, the Turquoise Multiliner has a unique Hatsune Miku design on the body! This Miku design, line art, and stickers are all drawn by Eku Uekura, an official artist of Hatsune Miku!

Hatsune Mike set includes the colors:

BG15: Aqua

B32: Pale Blue

C-5: Cool Gray No.5

RV14: Begonia Pink

E000: Pale Fruit Pink

Turquoise Multiliner: unique Hatsune Miku design!

Includes 2 of each line art and 1 of each sticker design.

Copic Ciao Hatsune Mike Limited Edition set

Product name

Copic Ciao x Hatsune Miku Limited Edition Set


5 Ciao Markers:

- BG15 - Aqua
- B32 - Pale Blue
- C-5 - Cool Gray No.5
- RV14 - Begonia Pink
- E000 - Pale Fruit Pink

1 Copic Multiliner Turquoise 0.3 with Hatsune Miku Special Design

2 types of Hatsune Miku line art   (2 each)

2 types of Hatsune Miku stickers  (1 each)

Art by Eku Uekura © Crypton Future Media, INC.


Package size: W77 × H150 + 22 × D13 mm





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