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VANIMESOLE and Making Your
Mark with Copic


Amador Molina, aka VanimeSole, gives us a look at his tools and techniques



Amador Molina, better known as VanimeSole, has actively been an artist for twenty years, and started using Copic products for seventeen years–in his words, "the first tool that ever caused me to lose track of time at my desk."

His claim to fame is using Copics to make stylish shoe art, decorating canvas sneakers (and more, now!) with fan-favorite characters and designs.

When asked about seeing more and more shoe artists popping up online, he's grateful and excited.

"To browse social media and see how much the community has changed really does make me feel emotional. When you do something for so long you just want friends that can relate, the same as any workplace. Teaching Copic design is something I’ve done a lot of, so you can imagine the amount of paths I’ve crossed."

"The past three years I’ve seen a huge spike of new designers–to see someone really dive in looking to learn is an inspiration in itself. It reminds me of my first few years in the scene, the confidence you have is just unmatched. Lots of young artists are keeping the community moving. It’s a beautiful thing to see… we need more! Whoever is reading this… TRY IT AT LEAST ONCE! It’s fun!"




For artists of all skill levels, he has some wise words:

"LEARN HOW YOU LEARN! Techniques you’re aiming to gain across your journey may not be as difficult as they seem. Sometimes the wrong environment conditions or mental state can be all that’s drawing the line for you to absorb it quickly. Understanding if you’re a visual, written/verbal, or hands-on student makes all the difference. Young artists, please don’t take that part lightly. Be patient with yourself out of everything–this process is supposed to be fun. Grow as a person and you’ll grow as an artist. My absolute personal advice would be to adopt meditation or martial arts, something that helps you regain composure under high stress situations."


You can follow VanimSole on Instagram and Twitter, and work along with him on his Twitch, and stay tuned to this website and the Copic US Instagram for more from VanimeSole and other great artists!