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Too Corporation Americas is a subsidiary of Too Corporation of Japan. Our mission is to provide creative tools that are centered around a distinctive passion for quality to everyone. We are proud to bring COPIC Markers to North and South Americas market as well as maintaining the highest customer service to our partners. COPIC markers were developed in 1987, intended as tools for fine art and design industry users. Not long after, the Japanese Comic Industry artists (Manga and Anime) began to use COPIC markers which launched the popularity of COPIC markers. Now our products are sold in more than 50 countries around the world.

Too Corporation Americas Information

Too Corporation Americas is a subsidiary of Too Corporation of Japan.

Too group companies manufacture and distribute innovative art and creative design products.

Too group is committed to making the highest quality markers in order to meet the demand of customers globally.

About Us
History of Copic

In 1969, Izumiya introduces “Speedry Markers” in Japan. The first marker pen specifically developed for designers.There were 150 colors available. Izumiya changes its name to the Too Corporation in 1992.

In 1987, the first Copic Markers (Classic) were introduced in Japan with 71 colors. The markers were developed in response to designer’s need for photocopy-safe markers. By 1997, Copic Classic markers are available in 214 colors.

In 1993, Copic Sketch markers were introduced with 144 colors. Over the next two decades, more colors were added to reach a total of 358 by 2012.

In 1998, Copic Ciao markers were introduced with 72 colors to provide a more affordable option for beginners and aspiring creative professionals. 180 colors are now available.

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