General Questions

1. Where should I start with Copic?

If you want to color characters: 

1. Visualize the character and consider what colors are the most appropriate.

2. Choose the skin tone. We recommend choosing three colors from Color Family R, YR, and E.

3. Choose the hair color. A combination of bright and dark colors tend to work best.

4. Choose the clothing color. Colors with intensity 3-5 are easiest to use.

If you want to color "mecha" (i.e. robots or spaceships):

1. Gray has the widest variety of hues and intensities. It would be a good idea to pick a Gray in increments of two intensities. For example: 0/2/4/6 or 1/3/5/7.

It's also smart to purchase a marker set first and increase colors little by little, to expand your Copic collection.

2. What surfaces can Copic be applied on?

Copic cannot be applied on metal, glass, plastic, acrylic, or film. On nonporous surfaces like metal or plastic, the ink never sinks into the material. In other words, molecules or dye on the surface of these materials can be easily removed if it's scrubbed. However, Copic can be used for weathering effects on plastic models after applying matte spray paint.

3. How do I store my Copic markers and inks?


Keep the product away from direct sunlight. If markers are exposed to direct sunlight, it can cause degradation of the plastic. While we recommend that you store Copic markers horizontally, if you store them vertically, we recommend you put the "Super Brush" nib side up.

Various Ink:

Keep the product away from direct sunlight and store in a cool, dark place. If inks are exposed to direct sunlight, it may cause changes in the color. CAUTION: Alcohol-based ink is combustible. Keep the product away from fire.


1. There are small cracks in my marker!

This can happen when a marker is exposed to direct sunlight. The plastic of the marker body will deteriorate after long-term exposure to ultraviolet light. To protect against UV damage, keep the product away from high temperatures and direct sunlight. Store the markers in a cool, dark place.

2. The lines from oil-based ink are bleeding!

Oil-based ink will bleed when used with Copic Markers, which are alcohol-based. We recommend Copic Multiliner Pens, which will not bleed even if you color over them with Copic Markers after the pen lines have dried.

3. I'm having issues with the Super Brush nib!

The tip of my Super Brush nib has turned white!

This means you need a refill! This happens when the ink of the interior cotton has reduced, and the nib does not have a sufficient amount of ink. If you store the marker vertically, more ink may accumulate at the bottom of the marker. It will lead to a color difference on both sides of the nib.

I found a crystal-like substance on the Super Brush nib!

The dye may become crystallized when the color has a relatively high concentration. Rub off all crystals attached to the nib with tissue before use.

Why does the ink drip off the Super Brush nib?

In most cases, this problem occurs when the airway of a marker is thoroughly clogged up. When you hold a marker, alcohol contained with the ink is volatilized by your body temperature. However, if the airway is clogged up, it obstructs the flow of vaporizing fluid and increases pressure in the marker body. As a result, the ink is forced out through the Super Brush nib.

As a stopgap measure, remove the opposite end's cap (Broad nib). This will relieve the internal pressure. To solve the underlying problem, carefully pull out the Super Brush nib, clean the ink residue on the slot and clear the airway's clog. If possible, we recommend that you replace the old nib with a new one. If you want to continue using the old nib, carefully remove it and ensure that you've cleared any clogs in the airway.

To prevent ink leakage, do not overfill the marker with ink. Do not shake or drop the marker. Centrifugal force involved may cause ink leakage and the airway inside the marker may become clogged. If markers must be stored vertically, this leakage can be prevented by storing your markers with the Super Brush nib facing up.

4. I'm having issues with the Ciao cap!

When I uncapped a Ciao marker, the interior cotton has come out too!

Usually, the interior cotton does not come off when you uncap a marker. However, if the ink residue on the body is firmly stuck to the cap, it may occur.

To put everything back in place, remove the ink residue attached to the inside of the cap around the nib first, then press the cap and interior cotton into the marker body together.

Also, if the marker has cracks on its body, it can cause the same problem. Ink in a cracked marker body will be volatilized faster than normal, and unfortunately there's no method for restoring it. The only option at this point is to purchase a new marker.

I can't remove the Copic Ciao cap--it's too tight!

Do not forcefully pull the cap, or the marker's interior cotton may be pulled out. If you want to remove the cap, try the following methods:

-Try unscrewing the cap carefully.

-If you can't unscrew the cap, soak the Ciao marker in warm water (60C/140F) for about 2 minutes. Then take the marker out of the water and unscrew the cap again.



To avoid the ink clotting again, remove the residue of ink attached to the inside cap and around the nib with a Q-tip saturated with colorless blender (#0).

5. How can I clean ink off my hands?

Copic ink is dye ink. It takes a little time to completely remove dye stains from skin. Try regular soap and warm water first--do not rub the ink stain too hard. With time, it will eventually fade away.

If you'd like to speed up the process, you may use cleansing milk or oil-based makeup remover to remove the Copic ink. Colorless Blender (alcohol-solvent) or ethanol will also work. Pour them onto a soft, clean cloth and wipe the ink away. Be sure to rinse the area well with warm water to keep your skin from chapping.

CAUTION: Alcohol may cause sensitivity reactions, such as redness and swelling on your skin. If these symptoms occur, seek immediate medical attention.

6. Why does my wallpaper discolor when I display Copic-colored art on it?

Due to a chemical reaction of the dye-based Copic ink with plasticizers contained in vinyl (PVC) wallpaper, change in the color of the wallpaper may occur. It's preferable to avoid putting artwork colored in Copic ink on vinyl wallpaper directly, whether the ink is still wet or has completely dried.

7. I forgot to put the cap back on, and my nib is dry!

Copic markers are alcohol-based, so the alcohol evaporates quickly over time. If a nib has dried out, simply replace it with a new one.

8. I put the cap back on the marker and refilled ink, but it's still dry!

The cap is made out of plastic--check if there are any cracks or damage to the cap. Any distortions or cracks can prevent airtightness, leading to a dryout.

9. The marker's cap feels loose!

Sometimes, a slight size difference occurs during the molding of caps. Replacing the cap on both sides may solve the problem. If you still feel the cap is loose, it may have been deformed or damaged.

10. How do I remove ink from clothing?

First of all, don't wear your favorite shirt while using Copic! Wear clothes you don't mind getting dirty.

Copic ink does not come out of clothes easily. Even if you've spilled ink or accidentally dropped a marker on your shirt, do not use solvent--it may worsen the situation because Copic ink is dye ink.

Ink stains react differently depending on the type of fabric it's spilled onto. We strongly recommend that you seek a professional cleaner's advice for fabric-specific cleaning tips.


1. Will ink on artwork fade over time?

Dyes are artificial materials made through chemical processes, and are not usually as archival as pigment products. In general, dyes are susceptible to ultraviolet rays. Copic inks are a dye, and Copic-colored images will fade under direct sunlight or fluorescent light. If your artwork with Copic will be put up in a well-lit area, it is better to apply a UV blocking seal first.

2. How long do Copic markers last?

Copic markers are high-quality and long-lasting. However, how long they last really depends on how often they are used. The best thing about Copic markers is that they are refillable, and the nibs are also replaceable. If you keep refilling your markers and replacing the nibs, Copic markers can be used for decades.

At the same time, Copic markers won't last forever. The aging and degradation of plastic and resin may occur, and there's a possibility of ink discoloration over time.

3. Do the ink fumes have any harmful side effects?

Copic ink does have a negligible, characteristic alcohol odor. Unlike paint thinner, it will be broken down and will not accumulate in the body even if you inhale this trace amount. Its characteristics are closer to the disinfectant ethanol. The fumes from Copic ink are generally free of harmful side effects, but if you feel lightheaded while using Copic products, we recommend ventilating the room you're in.


1. I'm using new markers with older markers--anything I should look out for?

Your ink's colors may change over time due to aging. Check the color of the ink before use.

If you refill markers with Various Ink regularly, the color will be more stable over long-term use.

When applying the same color over a wide area, it's preferable to use a brand-new marker over a used marker.

2. Which new Copic color numbers correspond to old color numbers?

The spec and color numbers of Copic Classic have been standardized worldwide since 1991. The color names have not been changed, with the exception of E27.

To confirm the corresponding color numbers, refer to the chart below.

3. How can I darken the color of black Copic markers?

Start with a dark blue, such as B99 Agage or B79 Iris, then apply black over that area. With this color layering technique, you can express deeper shades of black.

4. Working with Grays

Copic makes 46 different shades of gray, in four color families--even though gray is actually an achromatic color. Each individual gray brings its own tone and feel to a picture. Cool grays add a hint of blue, while warm grays add a hint of brown. Neutral gray is (naturally) neutral in tone, and toner gray is halfway between neutral and warm. If you want something to feel cold or metallic, use cool gray--for something that feels natural, use warm gray. Even for something colored black (like a t-shirt), you can use a series of darker grays instead to provide tone.

Reproduction of color in printing requires careful attention. If you want an exact reproduction of gray gradation, give precise instructions to your print shop in advance. When photocopying your artwork, be sure to select Photo Mode.

5. Why do cap end colors sometimes differ from the marker's actual ink?

We're always constantly reviewing our products to improve their quality. The colors on a cap's end may be adjusted without prior notice. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

6. Are Copic markers available in metallic colors?

There are no Copic colors that use "metallic" ink, but you can use some Copic colors to give the impression of a metallic shine. If you use Y28 Lionet Gold, you can get a rich shade of gold. For silver, try Cool Grays. The texture of copper can be expressed through E18 or E1, and for bronze, we recommend BG78 and BG7.

7. What is the difference between 100 Black and 110 Special Black?

100 Black is a slight bluish-black which works best with Cool Grays. On the other hand, 110 Special Black is slightly red, closer to "ink black" or "deep black" compared with 100, and works best with Neutral Grays. The dye's blending amount is greater in 100 Black--this difference is very subtle, and only shows up on some paper types.

Copic Ink

1. Is the ink in Copic Ink the same as the ink of the Various Ink Refill?

Yes, they are the exact same ink.

2. Why has the name changed?

Various Ink Refills were named for its variety of uses. However, the name could be confusing for some users, and has been changed to be more simple and recognizable.

3. How many markers can I refill with Copic Ink?

Number of refills:

- Ciao: approx. 9

- Sketch: approx. 7

- Classic: approx. 5

- Wide: approx. 3.5 

Amount of ink required for 1 refill:

- Ciao: approx. 1.4 mL

- Sketch: approx. 1.8 mL

- Classic: approx. 2.5 mL

- Wide: approx. 3.4 mL

4. Which side should I refill the marker from?

Markers should be refilled from the Broad (chisel) nib side.

5. Is Copic Ink available in all 358 colors?

Yes, Copic Ink will be released in all 358 colors.

6. Why aren't all Copic colors available in Copic Ink upon discontinuation of Various Ink Refills?

Because Copic Ink is made on a different production line, it takes several months to switch over, adjust inventory, and manufacture ink for all 358 colors. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

7. In the time between discontinuing Various Ink Refills and the launch of Copic Ink, what if we can't find a specific color?

We will gradually roll out Copic Ink, in the order of colors which have least to most inventory. In the meantime, we recommend you purchase a new marker if you need a specific color that does not have available Copic Ink.

8. Will Copic Ink have empty bottles available to mix custom colors?

Yes! Just like Various Ink Refills, Copic Ink will have empty bottles available as well.

9. What will happen to the Various Ink Colorless Blender?

We will continue to sell Various Ink Colorless Blender in the 200cc size.

10. What are the two lines on the cap of Copic Ink?

These lines exist so you can easily open the cap, and also to prevent Copic Ink from rolling off your work surface. 

11. Will Copic Ink fit in my Copic Wallet, Carrying Pouch or Wire Stand?

Yes, Copic Ink will fit in Copic cases and stands! Copic Ink is the same size as a marker and will fit in the slots provided.


1. How should I store Multiliners?

Be sure to keep your Multiliners and other pens stored flat when not in use. This prevents instability of ink distribution, sedimentation of ink, and clogging of the nib due to agglomeration.

Multiliner SP pens especially must be kept flat. Multiliner SP inks are a mixture of various pigments--if stored vertically, sedimentation of pigments may occur, and cause unevenness and blurring of ink.

2. Where does the ink come from in a Multiliner pen?

A Multiliner tip has millions of micron-sized holes, and the ink comes out from the inner cotton by capillary action. To prevent the ink from drying out, always put the cap back on your Multiliner after use.

To stabilize the tip's performance, test the Multiliner before use. Multiliner tips are made of a superior abrasion-resistant and chemical-resistant resin.

3. Is there any difference between the Multiliner and Multiliner SP ink?

The same water-based pigments are used for both Multiliner and Multiliner SP pens. These pens are waterproof on most paper types.

Based on the Multiliner pen's nib width, we've been using two different types of black ink--this is why two different ink cartridges for Multiliner SP exist. Black ink is available in both Type A (for pens sized 0.03-0.1mm) and Type B (for pens 0.2mm and larger). Colored inks are available as Type B only.

Type A black ink was developed for use with the ultrafine nib. This highly-concentrated ink has higher fluidity to avoid clogging, and provides adequate blackness even via ultrafine lines. Type A ink is not suitable for wider nibs due to its high fluidity. Use with designated nibs only.

4. Why does my Multiliner Black ink seem light?

Multiliner Black ink is mainly made of carbon black pigment. All inks meet standard consistency measurements, even though they may seem lighter.

Thicker lines appear darker due to an optical illusion where equal colors can seem lighter or less concentrated. You can confirm by closely examining your linework with a magnifying glass.

Inks for Multiliner Black are a mixture of various pigments. Keeping them stored vertically may cause sedimentation of pigments and cause instability in the ink's concentration. To resolve this issue, remember to store Multiliner pens flat--shaking pens will not solve this problem, and can result in ink leakage and/or a clogged pen.

5. Why does the Multiliner SP cap not attach properly?

We apologize, but the Multiliner SP cap is not designed to fit on the rear end of the pen.

6. Are there any plans to release Multiliner in 0.02mm width (like the Copic Modeler Pen) in the future?

The Copic Modeler Pen (0.02mm width) was developed for panel lining on plastic models.

The 0.02mm nib width does not have enough strength for illustration use. Also, there is no significant difference between the 0.03mm and 0.02mm nib widths when viewed on paper. The difference between the two is negligibly small, unlike the gap between 0.05mm and 0.03mm nib widths.

7. Are you planning to release Multiliner in Wine, Cobalt, or Olive with a 0.03mm nib width?

The inks for Wine, Cobalt, and Olive have a high concentration of pigments, and the 0.03mm nib may become clogged. This makes using the 0.03mm nib for these specific colors difficult.

8. How long do Multiliners last?

Here are the average writing distances of different Multiliner nibs:

0.03/0.05/0.1mm: approx. 1200m

0.3mm: approx. 1000m

0.5mm: approx. 700m

0.8/1.0mm: approx. 500m

These measurements all depend on writing pressure, writing speed, the paper's water absorbability, or environmental differences like temperature and humidity.

9. Which Copic colors are closest to each Multiliner color?

The table below is based on evaluations performed on PM Paper, Copic's standard paper to determine color development of ink. Use this comparative table only as a guide, since color development of ink is different between Copic (dye-based) and Multiliner (pigment-based).

Drawing Pen F Series

1. What is the pH level for Copic Drawing Pen F Series?

The pH level of the ink is approximately 8.5-9.0, and can be described as mildly alkaline.

2. I forgot to recap the marker and now the pen is dry--what can I do?

The pen will dry out if it's left uncapped. If it isn't operating properly, test the pen a few times until the ink flows smoothly, or put a cap back on and wait a few minutes.

If you're still unable to use the pen properly, dip the pen's tip (2mm) into water. If the ink is completely dried up, you'll need to use a new pen.

3. Is the Drawing Pen F Series compatible with Copic markers?

The Drawing Pen F Series' aqueous dye ink is compatible with Copic markers.

4. Is Copic Drawing Pen F01 a dip pen?

Copic Drawing Pen F01 is not a traditional dip pen, but it is a great option for illustrators who prefer the feel of a fountain pen. It allows you to achieve a variety of line sizes by varying pressure.

5. Why is the ink for Copic Drawing Pen F Series not refillable?

Like a fountain pen, the tip of a Copic Drawing Pen F Series will be worn away with each use. Ideally, you won't be refilling ink to a pen with a worn-out tip. If you feel the lines being produced are too wide, we recommend getting a new pen.

6. Can I use the Copic Drawing Pen F Series for drawing flash effects or speed lines?

Unfortunately, the Drawing Pen F Series has a super-fine tip, and is not recommended for "beta-flash effect" speed or flash lines.

7. What variations exist for tip quality in the Copic Drawing Pen F Series?

We have strict inspections that are performed before the pens are shipped. We make a point of always providing stable products, so there should not be any variations in tip quality for this series.

8. What is the tip of the Copic Drawing Pen F Series made of?

The Drawing Pen F Series tips are made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel.

9. Will I have to replace my Copic Drawing Pen F Series due to wear?

Yes--like a fountain pen, the tip of your Copic Drawing Pen F Series will wear away with each use. If you feel the lines being produced are too wide, we recommend getting a new pen.

10. Are Copic Drawing Pen F Series water-resistant?

It is water-resistant, but the effect is relatively modest. We don't recommend combining Copic Drawing Pen Series F with watercolors or water-based ink. The ink is waterproof approximately 30 minutes after initial use.

11. Will using an eraser cause blurring or erasure of lines from Copic Drawing Pen F Series?

Since rubber and plastic erasers are abrading agents, it is possible.

12. Why are my lines becoming wider with a Copic Drawing Pen F Series?

There are multiple possible causes for this:

-First, the pen tip may have worn away.

-Check if the flow-channel of the tip is not clogged with paper fibers. To remove clogged fibers, pull away the pen tip and gently wipe with paper towels.

-If applied pressure is too strong, it may cause the tip to open too wide and cause irreversible damage.

If you feel the lines being produced are too wide, we recommend getting a new pen.

13. Why does my Copic Drawing Pen F Series feel light?

The ink for Copic Drawing Pen F Series meet standard consistency measurement (avg 1.97-1.99 for carbon black pigment ink). Thicker lines are perceived as being darker black due to concentration. Since the line width for Copic Drawing Pen F Series is super fine, it may appear lighter. We recommend using paper with >135kg thickness for best results.

14. Are Copic Drawing Pen F01 pens suitable for heavy lines?

Since the F01 tip is super fine, it's not suitable for drawing heavy lines. When applied pressure is too strong, it may damage the tip or overuse ink. To draw thick lines, use the F02 pen instead.


1. Soft Watercolor Paper (Gasenshi) FAQ

Thin and absorbent Soft Watercolor Paper (Gasenshi) is perfect for sumi-e (brush ink painting) or Japanese calligraphy.

-Extra soft fibers for a watercolor look

-Great for soft color expression

-Medium weight, coated paper

-White color with natural fiber flecks

-Ink will not bleed through the back

2. Why does the color of your ink look different on different types of paper?

All Copic markers use dye ink. Unlike pigment ink, the color of dye ink comes out as a result of chemical bonding between ink and paper. This is why the colors of Copic ink can vary according to different types of paper.

3. What kind of paper is most suitable for Copic?

There are thousands of different varieties of paper on the market, and many of them work well with Copic Markers. Try different paper types to see which one works best with your art--you will be surprised at just how much variation there is between colored images and blending on different paper types.

We highly recommend our Copic Paper Selections to help you discover your favorite paper.

4. Copic Paper Selection FAQ

Try several types of paper from the Copic Paper Selections to find the paper that best matches your needs.

For alcohol markers: Pencil-Marker Paper (PM Paper)

Paper developed for photocopiers: Custom Paper

Paper for general purposes: Premium Bond Paper (Tokusen-Joshitsu-Shi)

Airbrush System

1. Can I use the ABS-3 without a compressor?

Each Airbrush System set contains the same basic parts, and you may use the ABS-3 as the "air-can" type Airbrush System.

-Connecting Air Can D60: Connect a D60 can directly to the Air Grip instead of the Air Adaptor accessory, no air hose needed.

-Connecting Air Can 180: Use a dedicated Air Hose (available accessory) to connect a 180 can with the Air Adaptor provided in the ABS-3 set.

2. Why does the particle size vary with different-color inks?

The ink used in Copic Markers contains various different dye compounds to form the color. Depending on the dye, the particle size is different for every color. Generally, the particle size will be larger in darker colors.

Please test spraying before starting work on your project.

3. How do I protect off-canvas areas from airbrush spray?

Using masking tape or film is recommended. There are many masking products available--please check with your art supply store for details.

4. How long will Copic Markers or Air Cans last with regular use?

In terms of spray area, a single brand-new marker can cover a "letter size" paper. Note that this may change according to many individual factors, such as remaining capacity of the Air Can and maximum time of continuous spraying.

In general, an Air Can can last for 60-90 seconds for one continuous spray. D60 cans have about 7-8 minutes of total usable time, and 180 cans have about 35-40 minutes of total usable time.

5. What does "3 atmosphere (standard)" mean?

The standard atmosphere (atm) is a unit of pressure. 3atm is equivalent to 0.3MPa. Choose a compressor which can maintain this level of atmospheric pressure.

6. Why is air leaking from my Airbrush System?

Check the connections around the Air Can Hose (especially the Air Regulator, Joint Cap, and the connector for the Air Adaptor). When using a commercially available air compressor, set the air pressure between 0.3-0.5MPa. When under 0.3MPa, the particle size for ink will become larger. When over 0.5MPa, there is the potential to damage the Air Grip. Make sure not to exceed 0.5MPa.

7. Why is my Airbrush System not spraying correctly?

If the quantity of ink is insufficient:

-Pull out the marker and refill appropriately using Various Ink

If there is a problem with the nib:

-Confirm the marker attachment

-Check if the correct nib is attached

-Check the angle of the nib

-Replace the nib if it is hardened or worn out

If there is a problem with the Air Can or Air Hose:

-If the quantity of air is insufficient, use a new Air Can

-When the liquid gas in the Air Can is cooled due to continuous spraying, it leads to a reduction of pressure, and the particle size of the ink will become larger. Use a new Air Can, or wait until the pressure has recovered.

8. What size air hose should I use with ABS-3?

A concave S(⅛) provides the best fit.

Funimation x Copic Ciao Set

1. What’s included in the Funimation x Copic Ciao Set?

This set includes 12 Copic Ciao markers and 3 line art pages.

2. Who is the art by?

The packaging and line art is by Nemupan.

3. How long will this be available?

The Funimation x Copic set is a limited-edition collaboration, and will be available while supplies last.

4. What is the code?

The code on your Funimation gift card is for two months of Premium Plus membership. Terms and conditions apply, please contact Funimation Customer Support for further information.

5. My code doesn’t work!

Please contact Funimation Customer Support for assistance with your promotional code.


1. Does the Empty Plastic Case include a lid?

Yes! A lid is provided at the bottom of the case.

2. Why are there two different volume units (cc and ml) on Copic products?

Basically, there isn't any distinction between the two. The indicated unit on all Copic products will be unified by the international unit "ml."

3. Why am I having trouble refilling a marker using the 200ml Various Ink bottle?

You need to use a 25ml empty bottle (sold separately) to refill the marker. If you don't have the empty bottle, you may use a store-bought eye dropper instead. Drip ink directly onto the broad nib, one drop at a time, regularly checking the fullness every few drops.

4. Are there any carrying cases for Copic Sketch or Ciao markers?

We offer several options:

Copic Flat Case A (holds 16 pcs) and Flat Case B (holds 24 pcs). These handy cases are ideal for carrying your markers around. For more details, check the following link:


5. How can I dilute the concentration of Opaque White?

If you want to thin Opaque White in its container, we recommend distilled water that doesn't contain any impurities. With a tinting saucer, tap water is also usable.

6. After crystallization, how can I return my Opaque White to its original state?

Unfortunately, you won't be able to--be sure to close the cap tightly after use. When you discover part of your Opaque White has crystallized, remove it from the container. A clear, glasslike substance may also occur as a result of the crystallization.

7. How should I store Optional Nibs for long periods of time?

It's important to keep your Optional Nibs in a cool and dry place, and avoid direct sunlight to ensure quality.

8. How do I clean the Refill Booster?

The Refill Booster can be cleaned with a few drops of blender solution or rubbing alcohol.

-Put the Refill Booster in a small cup and add a little Colorless Blender to rinse it in

-Squirt Colorless Blender through the needle until it flows clear

-Be sure that the whole needle is clean inside and out, and the base is clean

CAUTION: Colorless Blender is alcohol-based and combustible. Keep the product away from high temperatures, direct sunlight, and store in a cool, dark place.

9. Some colors contain "Cadmium" in their name--do these markers actually contain cadmium?

Copic ink is dye ink, and does not contain any compounds of cadmium.

For example, the Copic color Y15 Cadmium Yellow is named for its color resemblance to pigment-based Cadmium Yellow, but does not contain any cadmium at all.

10. Can I bring Copic markers in carry-on airline baggage?

Copic markers can be brought onto a plane via carry-on or checked baggage.

Copic Various Ink cannot be brought onto planes in carry-on or checked baggage, as it is a flammable liquid.

Airbrush System Air Cans cannot be brought onto planes in carry-on luggage, as they are compressed gas.

11. Copic Marker construction FAQ

Why is the Copic marker body light gray?

We chose light gray as the color of the marker's body so you can easily find ink spots on its surface.

Why is there darker gray plastic near the nib?

When you remove a Ciao cap, you'll notice the Fine Nib side has darker gray plastic, and Sketch has darker gray plastic on the Super Brush nib side. This is to help you easily identify which nib you're using at a glance.

Is Copic ink oil- or water-based?

In a broad sense, Copic ink can be categorized as oil-based ink. However, we prefer to call Copic ink "alcohol-based," because its characteristics (blendable, low-odor) are completely different from common oil-based ink, which contains strong organic solvents.

12. What is the pH level of your ink products?

The main ingredient of Copic ink is alcohol. Pure alcohol itself does not have pH unless it's dissolved in water. The pH level for the infinitesimal quantity of other constituents contained in Copic ink are approximately in the 6.0-8.0 range. According to Japanese law, household products with pH between 6.0 and 8.0 are considered pH neutral--therefore, we can say Copic ink falls into the category of pH neutral.

13. Do the ink fumes have any harmful side effects?

Copic ink does have a negligible, characteristic alcohol odor. Unlike paint thinner, it will be broken down and will not accumulate in the body even if you inhale this trace amount. Its characteristics are closer to the disinfectant ethanol. The fumes from Copic ink are generally free of harmful side effects, but if you feel lightheaded while using Copic products, we recommend ventilating the room you're in.

14. Are there thinners available for your ink products?

#0 Colorless Blender (25cc and 200cc bottles available) can be used as a thinner for Copic ink. This clear solution lightens Copic inks by pushing color through the back of the paper.

CAUTION: Colorless Blender is alcohol-based and combustible. Keep the product away from high temperatures and direct sunlight, and store in a cool, dark place.

15. Why can't I use Sketch Fine nibs with Copic Ciao?

The nib of Copic Ciao markers differs in structure from the same part in Copic Sketch, so Sketch Fine nibs cannot be inserted into Copic Ciao. Sketch Fine is the exclusive nib for Copic Sketch, and only fits in the lighter gray end of Copic Sketch.

Shipping and Return Policy

1. Do you ship to _?

We currently only ship within the United States.

2. Why isn’t there free shipping?

We charge a flat rate of $10 shipping in order to ensure that your product is securely packaged and shipped with tracking.

3. When can I expect my order? Is there tracking?

Upon ordering, you will be provided with a tracking number.

4. Can I change my shipping address?

If you are able to contact us before your item is shipped, within 24 hours of making your order, then you can change your shipping address.

5. What is the return policy?

Unfortunately due to the extremely limited nature of this set, we will not be able to provide replacements for complete Funimation x Copic sets. If any of your markers are damaged, we will be happy to provide individual replacements with a valid receipt.

6. Can I cancel my order?

We apologize, but all sales for the limited-edition Funimation x Copic set are final.

7. My order is damaged!

Please contact us at support@us.too.com, and we'll be happy to provide replacements of individual markers with a valid receipt. Unfortunately, due to the extremely limited nature of the Funimation x Copic set, we will not be able to provide replacements for whole sets.

8. Other questions

For other inquiries, please contact us here