Intro to the 0 Colorless Blender Intro to the 0 Colorless Blender

Intro to the 0 Colorless Blender


Get the most out of your Colorless Blender with these techniques!

Intro to the 0 Colorless Blender 

The Copic color "0" is basically an alcohol marker but without any pigment, so when you add it on top of a color, it will move the pigment around. This can be a great way to add highlights after coloring!

Blender on top of color

How you can use the 0 Colorless Blender: marker

One way that you can use the 0 Blender is for "erasing" colors that go outside the lines of your drawings. Think of it as what water would do in a watercolor painting! Lifting the pigment and moving it away.

 Markers, eraser

If the color you applied was too dark, add the 0 Blender on top. This will result in a feathered/not-crip outline, but you can use a lighter color to go over the area again to reach the desired effect you're going for.

 Markers, highlights

To achieve a lighter tone of a certain color, try applying the 0 Blender to the paper first, then add the color on top while the 0 Blender is still wet. This will also result in a feathered outline.

 0 vs Pure color

Another way you can use the 0 Blender if for adding texture. For a cloudy sky, drop some 0 Blender onto a cotton swab (this works best using the Copic Ink bottle, not the marker) and dab it on top of your sky area. This will create a naturalistic, painterly effect!

 Bottle, cotton swab

A great example of using the 0 Colorless Blender on top of a color is when you're coloring in eyes! The 0 Blender pushes the ink away and creates beautiful, natural-looking highlights.

 Blender on top of color, eyes

How you can use the 0 Colorless Blender: ink bottles

If you're an alcohol ink artist, the 12 mL Copic Ink bottle and/or 200 mL Various Ink bottle is perfect for you! Use the 0 Blender solution to mix colors together, lighten areas and create color transitions.

 Bottle, 0 Blender

A few helpful alcohol ink painting tips:

1. Be sure to use synthetic paper (so the ink will sit on the surface and not go through)

2. Be sure to work inn a well-ventilated area (alcohol ink fumes can make you lightheaded, so be sure to also drink water and take breaks).

3. Remeber color theory basics! Start off with Yellow, Red and Blue (the primary colors). When these inks mix, they will naturally create Green, Violet and Orange.

 Alc. blending tips, primaries

These are just a few of the things you can do with your Colorless Blender! Share your experiments and projects with us on social media using the tag #copicwithus!

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