Nature, draw + outline TREES Nature, draw + outline TREES

Nature, draw + outline TREES


Nature Series: How to draw and outline


Today’s Feature: Trees!



In our previous blog, we showed a new technique – the doodling technique – and how you can apply this method to coloring both flowers and leaves (which are both commonly doodled). Today, however, we will be showing a more realistic way to draw and outline trees! So, with that being said, grab your sketchbook, pencils, and Copic Multiliner pens and let’s get started by gathering some reference images below!



One of the first things you want to do before starting a new subject or drawing is to gather reference images. In most cases, this means using the internet to find photos; but you can also go outside and take reference images yourself to better capture what you’re looking to draw. Reference images are a huge help in not only drawing your subject, but also in choosing colors, which we will discuss in the next blog!




But, for now, let’s begin by loosely sketching geometric shapes that encompass each tree. For example, a broad, loose oval for the oval-shaped tree, a few ovals turned slightly on their sides for the irregular tree, a tall cone shape for the conical tree, and so on. Be sure to press lightly onto the paper with your pencil as you’re sketching, since these pencil lines will be erased later. Also, don’t forget to add a tree stump at the bottom!



The next thing you want to do after sketching “the bones” of each tree is to create a crisp outline. This can be done right away with a black pen (as seen above), or with your pencil by pressing a little bit harder to the paper to create a darker mark than your initial loose sketch. If you feel more comfortable, work with your pen right away! But if you’re not confident in your tree outlines (the loose wavy strokes along the edge of the spreading tree, for example), then use your pencil and practice until you’ve captured the shape you want.


*Note: The Multiliner pen used to outline the trees above is a Black 0.5 pen.



The final step is quite simple: erase your pencil marks! If, however, in the previous step, you were working with your pencil to refine each tree shape, then outline each silhouette with a Black Copic Multiliner pen, wait a minute or two until the ink is dry on the paper, and then erase the pencil marks.


*Looking ahead: Before you apply Copic markers on top of a drawing, be sure to erase your pencil marks thoroughly, because once you color with Copic on top of pencil, it cannot be erased!


Now that we’ve shown how to draw and outline different tree shapes, we’ll put our coloring skills to the test next week as we show part one of how to color trees with Copic markers! Stay tuned!


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