Signature Copic Products: Markers, Pens, and Ink Signature Copic Products: Markers, Pens, and Ink

Signature Copic Products: Markers, Pens, and Ink



Hello Copic readers! In our previous blog, we discussed one of the “other” Copic colors: Earth-tones, and the 9 different color groups within this family. Today, we’ll be changing gears to a new topic, taking a closer look at the “signature” Copic products: Copic markers, pens, and ink, and how these products can be used both on their own and together. With that being said, let’s get started by taking a look at the table below!

Sketch  Ciao Classic Copic Ink Multiliner *
No. of Colors 358 180 214 358 10
Nibs or Nib Sizes Super Brush & Medium Broad Super Brush & Medium Broad Standard Broad & Standard Fine n/a 9 (0.03, 0.05, 0.1, 0.3, 0.5, 0.8, 1.0, Brush Small/BS, Brush Medium/ BM)
Product Shape Oval Circle Square Circle Circle
Ink Base Alcohol Acohol Alcohol Alcohol Water
Year est. 1993 1998 1987 2020 ** 1994
Refillable? Yes Yes Yes Yes *** No

*This is the original Multiliner pen, not the refillable Multiliner SP.
**Copic Ink is the new design of the older model of this product, Copic Various Ink.
***Copic Ink can be bought as an empty product, so you can create your own color using two or more others. That, or you can technically refill a bottle with another bottle of the same color.

The above chart includes five of the most well-known and popular Copic products: Copic Sketch, Ciao, and Classic markers, along with Copic Ink and the Copic Mulitliner pen. All of these products have been around since the 90’s (with the exception of the updated Copic Ink model of the old Various Ink product), with very few corrections or changes made since. That’s because our headquarters in Japan is diligent in checking the product’s quality, durability, consistency, and overall design. These features make the Copic brand stand out among other marker and art supply brands, and contribute to the 37 years of the brand’s success!


Now, when it comes to using these 5 different Copic products, you can use them alone or together. For example, you can color an illustration with any of the 3 markers listed above on their own, or you can add a Multiliner pen before or after using the marker. The pen and marker ink won’t smudge if the Multiliner ink is fully dry (this may require you to wait 30 seconds before applying Copic markers on top).

Finding what order you like to work in when combining materials is up to you! However, I for one like to color with the markers first and then outline my illustration with a Multiliner after if I feel the drawing or sketch needs it to make it look more complete.



Now that we’ve discussed Copic markers and Multiliner pens, let’s see how we can combine Copic Ink with markers and pens. Due to the “sticky” nature of alcohol ink when it dries on a sheet of synthetic paper, it can be more difficult to combine these products. Copic markers have an alcohol-base, and so does Copic Ink. Multiliner pens, on the other hand, have a water-base, and so the chemical properties of these two products vary, which is why the markers and pens work so well together. Copic Ink, on the other hand, is a bit more tricky, since it needs a synthetic paper or surface that will have the ink sit on top of the page rather than soak into it like marker or watercolor paper.

In the Copic Ink painting above, I worked primarily with the ink, adding only small Multiliner pen details directly onto the synthetic paper in areas where the ink does not overlap, and a 0 Colorless Blender marker to lightly-layered ink areas only. Call me cautious, but I know that if I put a Copic marker directly on top of Copic Ink - knowing that they both have an alcohol-base - the marker nib will be damaged (it will start to absorb the ink on the paper and stain the nib). That is why we suggest adding markers to areas of 1 or 2 layers of ink maximum so that the marker nib doesn’t damage.


Above: Marker-only illustration


Above: Pen-only illustration


Above: Ink-only painting


To wrap up this blog, each of the 5 “signature” Copic products can be used alone (as shown above) or combined together. What makes each of these products so special is their color consistency and product quality over the past 25+ years. Whether you’re a self-taught beginner just starting out with drawing, or you’re a seasoned professional, these 5 Copic products are worth the investment for the growth of your art!

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Thank you so much for reading and enjoying Copic markers as much as we do! 😀

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