Welcome to the Copic Newsletter! Welcome to the Copic Newsletter!

Welcome to the Copic Newsletter!




Everybody get your markers and paper ready--the Copic Newsletter is here!

Every few weeks, we'll be here to share a whole bunch of great Copic content: tips and techniques, the history of Copic products, and how to care for your Copic products and get the absolute most out of them!

Copic Sketch Markers Photo

Copic Newsletter articles are written with art beginners in mind, but will also provide plenty of info and tips for experienced artists looking to brush up. Our first set of articles will focus on the COLORS OF COPIC--our color families, color names, and how blending works with Copic markers.

Copic Sketchbook & Pens Composition

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Thanks for coming by, and we hope to see you next time!

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