Funimation x Copic Limited Set Funimation x Copic Limited Set

Funimation x Copic Limited Set

This Copic x Funimation collection's pastels and signature statement hues were picked by Funimation and influenced by Nemupan, a prominent Chilean illustrator, creator of the pack's original art, and most importantly - a huge anime fan. When you purchase the limited Funimation x Copic Ciao set you will also be given a 2 month free membership to Funimation! Limited sets can only be purchased here and at Blick Art Materials stores!

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Introducing: Funimation x Copic Ciao Limited edition set!

Express yourself with 12 colors and three line art pieces inspired by Funimation and the imaginative world of anime.

12 CIao markers and 3 line art pieces!

Show off your creativity and experiment like our community's most creative kawaii-style artists with this marker set, brought to you by Funimation.

The set comes with the following Ciao markers:

E40: Brick White

YG11: Mignonette

Y000: Pale Lemon

V000: Pale Heath

Bv000: Iridecent Mauve

V17: Amethyst

RV04: Shock Pink

R17: Lipstick Orange

Y02: Canary Yellow

Bg13: Mint Green

B24: Sky

E71: Champagne

Product name

Funimation x Copic Ciao Limited Edition set

Ciao Markers

E40 - Brick White
YG11 - Mignonette
Y000 - Pale Lemon
V000 - Pale Heath
BV000 - Iridecent Mauve
V17 - Amethyst
RV04 - Shock Pink
R17 - Lipstick Orange
Y02 - Canary Yellow
BG13 - Mint Green
B24 - Sky
E71 - Champagne

Also Includes

Three Line Art Pieces by Nemupan



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