Candle Holder Ink Art Candle Holder Ink Art

Candle Holder Ink Art


How to make original candle holders

using Copic Ink


Candle Holder Ink Art


Candles are known to emit relaxing effects. By adding colorful Copic Ink, you can turn a simple candle holder into your own unique design. The candle holder can be used many times over as well. This makes for a perfect gift!



  • Candle holder

  • You can also use a soy wax rectangle-shaped candle with a hole inside (in order to insert a LED light)

  • Copic Ink colors of your choice

  • Metallic ink (we recommend gold)

  • Melamine Sponge (cut into small pieces)

  • Gloves


Please read before using Copic Ink:

  • Copic Ink is alcohol ink. It's flammable, so please do not use or store it near a fireplace. Also, please avoid direct sunlight when storing.

  • Please use Copic Ink in a room with good ventilation as the ink volatilizes while using (or wear a mask). If you feel sick, we recommend drinking water so the alcohol that was breathed into your body can be broken down.

  • Copic ink is a dye ink and does not come off easily when you get a stain on your skin or clothes. Please wear something that can get dirty, and please protect your workspace. (Click here to see FAQs of Copic Ink)

  • Please keep Copic Ink out of reach of young children.


Step 1:

Drop a few drops of Copic Ink onto a small piece of sponge and wait a few seconds for the ink to be absorbed. (You may want to wear gloves if you are afraid of getting ink on your hands.)


Chandle Holder Ink Art Step 1


Step 2:

Pat the sponge gently onto the candle holder and apply the color as you like. However, don’t press the sponge with too much force against the candle holder as it may break (or it may cause the ink to spread unevenly).


Candle Holder Ink Art


You can create nice shading effects if you pat gently here and there with a small piece of clean sponge. Additionally, if you wait until the ink has dried, you can gently pat more ink on top to make some areas darker. Or, you could make an area lighter using the 0 Colorless Blender.


Candle Holder Ink Art


Step 3:

Repeat steps 1 and 2. Apply the ink color(s) of your choice and create patterns or designs as you like!


Step 4:

After you’re done adding in all of the ink colors, apply metallic ink for a decorative accent using the same sponging technique. Gold ink will really bring out a warm glow!


Candle Holder Ink Art Step 4


Step 5:

Let the candle holder dry in a place of ventilation. Once it’s completely dry, you can touch and move the candle holder around to make sure it’s exactly what you want.


Candle Holder Ink Art Step 5


Once you are satisfied with how your candle holder turned out, insert a LED tea light candle inside. We highly recommend using a LED light candle, because a soy wax candle has a low melting point, so the fire of a candle could spread to the holder and melt it. At this point, you have completed this craft and have your very own candle holder!


Candle Holder Ink Art Results


If you look closely, you’ll notice the gold adding a nice warm touch when the tea light is lit. In addition, these candle holders can be used for decorative purposes to add color to an interior space without actually using a tea light.


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