Intro to Copic Classic 1 Intro to Copic Classic 1

Intro to Copic Classic 1


Overview and Introduction
to Copic Classic

Explain the basic differences between these 2 types of pens
Copic Classic Marker
The Classic marker was the first marker made by Too Corporation in 1987. This marker comes in a square shape and has the Standard Broad and Standard Fine nibs. The Classic marker comes in 214 colors, which is more colors than Ciao (180) and less colors than Sketch (358). This marker is cherished by designers and illustrators alike and comes in sets of 12, 36 and 72.
Copic Classic Marker Sets
The most commonly sold Copic marker in the US is the Sketch, and the reason why many people prefer this marker is because it comes with the Super Brush nib. However, what many people don’t know is that there is an optional brush nib for Classic. In fact, there are actually 9 total nib choices for the Classic marker, which far exceeds the amount of nib choices for Sketch and Ciao.
Copic Classic optional nibs
Another stand out feature of the Classic is that it works the best with the Copic AirBrush System (ABS). Simply slide the broad nib of the marker into the Air Grip and you’re ready to start using it!
 Copic AirBrush System (ABS)
What’s great about the Classic marker (and all Copic markers), is that they can be refilled using Copic Ink. The Classic marker can be refilled 5 times using Copic Ink, and if you want to make your own unique marker color, you can buy an empty marker and fill it with whatever combination of inks you’d like!
 Classic Refill with Copic Ink
Copic Classic Empty Marker 
In addition, you can combine Classic with other mediums, such as colored pencils, to create bold textures and realistic effects. The Classic marker is versatile, long-lasting and sustainable, making this a favorite amongst illustrators and designers alike.
 Copic Classic Cool Grey

There’s even more you can do with Copic Classic! In our next blog, we’ll talk about how you can blend with the Standard Broad nib by layering and show more examples of art made with Classic.

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