New Awards for COPIC AWARD 2021 New Awards for COPIC AWARD 2021

New Awards for COPIC AWARD 2021

For COPIC AWARD 2021, we have established several new awards in consideration of the diversity of entries, which is one of the main aspects of COPIC AWARD. The followings are brief descriptions of these awards. We hope that you will participate in this year's AWARD, as the increased number of awards will increase your chances of winning. 

2019 Copic Awards Prizes

Special Award: Selected by Holly Nichols (1 entry)

The winner of this special award will be selected by Ms. Holly Nichols, a very active and inspiring artist based in the US.
This award is not limited to fashion illustrations (which is Holly's specialty), but she will choose the work that she finds most appealing from all the entries.

Holly Nichols is an illustrator and fashion artist who began her Copic journey as an undergrad in art school. Holly’s work is sold internationally, and she partnered on creative campaigns with Saks Fifth Avenue, Tiffany & Co, Apple, Disney, TRESemme, Nordtrom, and many more. Holly has created a community of over 650,000 followers of artists, designers, and fashion-admirers. Her first book, “Modern Fashion Illustration: Create Trending Stories & Develop a Personal Brand, will be published April, 2021.

Holly Nichols

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Craft Award: Selected by Japan Hobby Association (1 entry)

The winner of this award will be selected by the Japan Hobby Association, which has greatly contributed to the popularization of handmade hobbies in Japan since its establishment in 1976. Every year they host the Japan Hobby Show, one of the largest handmade hobby events in Asia. The judging will focus mainly on three-dimensional entries.

About Japan Hobby Association


Craft Award: Selected by Too Corporation Americas (1 entry)

Handmade crafts are very popular in the United States. The winner of this award will be selected by Too Corporation Americas, the US subsidiary of the Too Group and the member of NAMTA (The International Art Materials Association) and AFCI (The Association For Creative Industries). The judging will focus mainly on craft artworks.

About Too Corporation Americas

Regional Awards (5 entries)

The Regional Awards is a special prize that is selected from the entries submitted from each of the following regions: APAC (Asia-Pacific), EME (Europe and the Middle East), NA (North America), LATAM (Latin America: South America and the Caribbean), and Africa (African continent).

Copic distributors in each region will nominate entries, and the COPIC AWARD team will determine the winning works based on the results of the nominations.


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