Craft Award Finalists Craft Award Finalists

Craft Award Finalists


Copic Crafting Award 2021 Finalists


The Finalists Have Been Revealed!


For the 2021 Copic Award competition, we had over 5,000 total entries with 90 entries in the Crafting category!

In this blog, we’ll take a look at the Copic Award Craft finalists, with the winners in all categories being announced November 2021.

First up, we have an adorable entry from Ayako Kishi titled “Colorful Rainbow Mammoth.” These fluffy friends are colored elegantly with the Copic Fluorescent colors FRV (pink), FYR (orange) and FYG (yellow green).


Ayako Kishi - Colorful Rainbow Mammoth

Ayako Kishi Colorful Rainbow Mammoth 

 Next up, we have another entry from Japanese artist Eye Nishikawa. His piece, “Holy Fish,” takes dimensionality to a whole new level! Each individual piece of this underwater composition has been delicately cut out and elevated off the background. A combination of different ink and marker techniques was used in this piece, as well as different marks made with a Multiliner pen. This piece certainly shines bright! 


Eye Nishikawa - Holy Fish

 Eye Nishikawa Holy Fish

Another extremely detailed piece that’s a finalist this year is Prime Takano Naoko’s “Spark Joy.” This artist brings to life a floral bouquet by rolling paper into intricate patterns and designs! With the help of a few faux leaves and some strong adhesives, this piece is a phenomenal example of craftsmanship and pushes the boundaries of what you can create with Copic!


Prime Takano Naoko - Tokimeki Spark Joy

 Prime Takano Naoko Tokimeki_Spark Joy


Another unique example of using Copic products in an ‘out of the box’ way is Kai Aoi’s 櫂あおい piece “Koyori Lion.” This lion is delicately woven and placed in a spherical shape, uniquely capturing movement while at the same time being still. The lion’s mane and tale are boldly colored with rainbow hues as he roars at the viewer! What a unique way to use Copic markers!


Kai Aoi - Koyori Lion

 Kai Aoi Koyori Lion


The last Craft finalist from the 2021 Copic Awards is Jessica Emmett’s “Oxenlox - (Un)locked Potential.” This artist went above and beyond with a 3D sculpture cast in resin! Using watercolors as a base and Copic Multiliner pens on top, this hybrid creature symbolizes that we can fly when we unlock our potential!


Jessica Emmett, Oxenlox - (Un)locked Potential

Jessica Emmett Unlocked Potential 

After seeing all of these 2021 Copic Award Craft finalists, we hope they’ve inspired you to reach beyond markers on paper and explore more of the possibilities with Copic! 

We’d love to see your creations.

Use the hashtag #copicwithus or tag us on IG @copic_official_us. Until next time!



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