Other Pens: Gasenfude + Drawing Pens Other Pens: Gasenfude + Drawing Pens

Other Pens: Gasenfude + Drawing Pens


Copic Special Pens:
Gasenfude + Drawing Pens


These pens are Copic-proof, meaning that you can color with
Copic markers on top and the ink won’t smear!


Gasenfude + Drawing Pens


When you think of Copic pens, you’re probably thinking of the Multiliner and/or Multiliner SP. However, there are 2 additional, lesser-known Copic pens: the Gasenfude and the Drawing Pens!


These pens have very different nibs then the Multiliner and the Multiliner SP. The Gasenfude has a brush tip made of nylon, which allows for a wide variety in line widths, and the Drawing Pens are the Copic version of a fountain pen. Let’s take a closer look at each pen below!


Gasenfude Anatomy


First, let’s take a look at the Gasenfude! This pen is different from the other Multiliner brush pens because the nib is made of nylon, as seen from the image below.


Gasenfude brush nib


The marks that the Gasenfude pen makes varies from smooth, thin lines to thick, exaggerated strokes with a painterly look. The “dry brush” effect this pen gives is why it’s the preferred choice for calligraphy and lettering! The Gasenfude is also great for “regular” brush pen uses, like in drawings, sketches and general illustrations. You can achieve so many effects with just this one pen (as seen below)!


Gasenfude doodles


Next up, we have the Copic Drawing Pens! This pen is different from other Multiliner pens because the tip has the nib of a fountain pen, as seen below.


 Drawing Pen Anatomy


You can achieve a wide range of line widths with this pen by simply applying more or less pressure to the paper as you go! This pen also comes in 2 colors: Black and Sepia, with the Black color being available in a fine and medium size and Sepia available only with a fine nib.


Drawing Pen Specs


Now that you know a little more about the other Copic pens, put your drawing and/or lettering skills to the test! Use any of these pens to create your own unique lettering, sketch, or illustration and share your creations with us on Instagram @copic_official_us or using the hashtag #copicwithus!

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