2020 Copic Set Update Notice

Effective August 1st, 2020, all Copic marker sets shipped to the North America region will bear the holographic stickers identifying the product for US and Canada sale only. This will affect the following sets:

  • 12 PC Sets (Basic, Cool Gray, Neutral Gray, Toner Gray, and Warm Gray)
  • 36 PC Basic Set
  • 72 PC Set A-C

  • 3 PC Fusion and Blending Trio
  • 6 PC Sets (Sea & Sky, Skin Tones/Portrait, Secondary Tones, Bold Primaries, Perfect Primaries, Pale Pastels, Earth Essentials, Floral Favorites 1 & 2, Sketching Grays, and Blending Basics)
  • 12 PC Basic Set
  • 24 PC Basic Set
  • 36 PC Manga Set
  • 72 PC Sets A-E

  • 6 PC Sets (Brights, Pastels, Primary, Skin/Portrait, and Sea)
  • 12 PC Basic Set
  • 24 PC Basic Set
  • 36 PC Set A-E
  • 72 PC Set A-B

In our effort to manage parallel importing and support our official partners of Too Corporation Americas (TCA), all sets that have our stickers are covered by our guarantee program which can be found at https://www.copicmarkers.com/guarantee.

We will honor the aforementioned guarantee for sets sold by our authorized sellers without stickers until November 30th, 2020. In the future, Copic marker sets without the stickers sold in North America will not be covered under our guarantee. Please contact TCA if you still have inventory of the aforementioned Copic sets after this date.

For more detailed information on the sets and sample images of the stickers, please see the appendix below. Any questions about this information, please contact us at sales@us.too.com.

Thank you for your continued support of Copic.