Air Adaptor Set

Add solid background colors or gradients with this Copic Air Adapter Set. This set includes the Air Grip and Air Adapter. The Compressor and air hose are sold separately.

MSRP : $43.99


More advanced air brushing system used in connection to air compressor.

[Includes: ] Air Grip, Air Adaptor

  • Compressor and air hose are sold separately.
  • Air pressure must be maintained within 0.3-0.5MPa.
  • To connect Air Grip and air compressor, use G1/8 (PF1/8) air hose.

Spray Area

  • The average spray area in cases of painting evenly with a brand-new Classic or Sketch markers is within the size of B4-A3 size paper.
  • Note the “spray area” may vary according to the color or usage environment.


Use time of Air Can

  • Maximum continuous time of use: 60-90 secs.
  • Maximum time of use: Air Can D60: 7-8 mins, Air Can 80: 15-16 mins, Air Can 180: 35-40 mins.
  • Keep in mind the maximum time of use may vary according to the color, environmental conditions or usage.
  • Even if Air Can gets cold, that is normal. If you are using the can more than 90 seconds and the spray is inconsistent but it feels like there’s still plenty of air in the can, then let your can warm up a bit before continuing.
  • For continuous, long term spraying, we recommend using the compressor.



  • The marker must be attached in the correct direction. Copic Classic must be inserted from “Broad Nib” side. Copic Sketch must be inserted from “Medium Broad Nib” side.
  • Use in an area with good air circulation.
  • Copic markers are alcohol based. Keep away from open flame.
  • Air Can are under pressure. Do not puncture.
  • Do not spray on people or animals.