Copic Color Swatch Cards

You can make your own Copic color swatches by filling in the swatch boxes on the Copic Color Swatch Cards with your corresponding Copic markers.

MSRP : $4.99

A set of cards made of acid-free Premium Bond Paper with chart boxes that you can fill in to create swatches of your Copic markers. The cards come with a protective case which makes them easy to carry.

Keep track of your Copic marker collection with a set of cards made of acid-free Premium Bond Paper. Create swatches of your markers in the color coded chart boxes, by layering in 3 steps you can see the color gradient and versatility of each shade which also helps with the planning of color schemes.


  • Size: 110 x 205 mm (Card Size)
  • Dimensions: 4.72” x 0.13” x 9.45”
  • Including: 14 color swatch cards, 1 underlay (plain card) / Card Case (Polypropylene Plastic)
  • Material: Copic Premium Bond Paper (card)


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