Classic Empty Marker

Customize your own Copic Classic marker! The possibilities are limitless!

MSRP : $6.99

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Customize your own Copic Classic marker! Expand your Copic Collection by filling Classic markers with Copic ink, or mix and match inks to create your very own unique color. The possibilities are limitless!

  • Square barrel
  • Includes Standard Broad & Standard Fine
  • AirBrush System (ABS) Compatible
  • Nib replacements available in Standard Broad, Soft Broad, Calligraphy 3mm, Calligraphy 5mm, Round, Brush, Standard Fine, Super Fine, and Semi Broad
  • Refillable


  • Color availability:

  • Copic Sketch
  • Copic Classic
  • Copic Ciao
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